We spent one night in Mykonos for Danielle’s 22nd birthday and BOY was it messy! 

When we first arrived, we threw off our clothes and hit the beach, where actually we just felt self-conscious the whole time. Our hostel was basically a tiny village – it had 600 people, a hair and beauty salon, a pool, several food shops, several bars and even a cash point! What more do you really need?! Here’s a photo of it that I stole off Google – we ended up not taking any photos while there… oops!

Paraga Beach Hostel (stolen from Google)

The reason we didn’t quite feel at ease on this beach was because all 600 babes from the hostel (guys and girls) and other hot randoms were all on the beach, with not only ripped AF bodies but also golden caramel tans compared to our stark white ones which have hardly seen the sun in 3 years! 

After the beach it was time to get ready to go out and get drunk. We got dressed up, then met with our new friend Charly for dinner. 

Later on we relocated to the byo section and cracked out the ouzo, wine, vodka and cards and got everyone involved in our drinking games! We even played one where you turn over a card and people with that card get to pick people to drink – as you can imagine within an hour or so we were pretty drunk! 

We had a 10:30am ferry for which we had to be up at 8am for (who does that?!) And by the time we realised the time, it was already 1am. So we unfortunately didn’t go out in Mykonos town (the club was also €30 entry and we are poor) but continued drinking at the hostel. 

In the morning we were obviously hungover and we couldn’t even get a seat on the bus from our hostel to the ferry. We had to sit on the stairs with no window and facing sideways! As you can imagine, I was doing my best at holding in the vomit… 😷 

Then there was the ferry! OH MY GOD, THE FERRY. That was potentially the worst ferry of my life. Only two hours (luckily) but I spent the whole time with my head pretty much inside the aircon trying to replicate the feel of bathroom tiles! 

Can’t wait to get to Paros! 


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