23/10/17 – 24/10/17

We arrived in Bikaner early in the morning to a wonderful hotel which used to be one of the President’s residences! 
Still pretty tired from our train ride (it was only 7am) we lay down for a quick nap before heading out to explore. First thing to do one we woke up was to book a camel safari for the next day! 

Then we went to Junaghar Fort. After buying our tickets for fort and museum, we met two guys from Israel, who informed us the museum was likely to be shit and a waste of money… Great! Together we joined into a tour that was a mix of Hindi and English. Basically the guide spoke in Hindi first and then gave us a quick rundown in broken English that we tried really hard to understand. Lots of hand gestures we’re involved! 

The building itself was pretty incredible and the rooms even more so! 

One family on the tour was an absolute cutie – she wanted photos with us then spent the rest of the time repeating the information to us to me sure we understood. She was super excited to show us what she knew! When she told me about the Dutch pottery on the ceiling of a balcony, she explained where Holland is and how it is in Europe. Her young daughter was very embarrassed because “Mum, everyone knows where Europe is!”

Afterwards we went for lunch with the guys and split a yummy chowmein and a yummy curry as recommended by them. 

Once we’d parted ways, Danielle and I decided this would be a good time to try and find a new charger for me because I had left mine in Amritsar! After about 6 shops, wefinally found somewhere that sold what I was looking for. They even had a case that kind of fits the phone I bought a couple of hours before we left London! It’s hideous but it’ll have to do. The guy in the shop played a good salesman by showing off the special features of the case. “Ooh, protective flap! Now wait, wait… *slides phone upwards in case* …Ready for photo! And look, MOVIE STAND!”. Clearly it was a winner! 

When we got home Danielle wasn’t hungry but I was almost dying so I sat down for dinner and ordered a curry and my favourite, a plain lassi! Once it was out I started chowing down my lassi, only to realise there was a cube of ice in it! Now I KNOW not to drink anything with ice in it because its made of tap water, but by this point I was sure the damage was already done. Unless they made their ice cubes from bottled water… I was praying this was the case as I finished it off! Besides, we hadn’t been sick yet and it had been about 3 weeks! Obviously had stomachs of steel. 

At 4am I woke with hot and cold sweats, severe tummy pain and the terrifying feeling I was going to erupt from both ends! I leapt from the bed to the toilet in less that 3 seconds and I’m sure you can imagine the rest… You’re welcome 😘. This continued every few minutes for the next 4 hours and I could hardly peel myself from the bathroom tiles each time. DAMN ICE CUBE. 

By the time it was almost time for our camel safari I decided that I just couldn’t take the risk of diarrhea on a camel. So tail between my legs (and ass cheeks clenched) I hobbled to reception to let them know that I would not be going with Danielle and could I please have some more toilet paper? Thank you very much. I failed to keep my dignity intact when they handed me THREE TOILET ROLLS with a pitying look 😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

While Danielle had an awesome time out on the camel safari with a Swedish family, I was glued to the toilet all day with a bucket close to hand without being able to eat anything! It at least made me feel better when Danielle came back hardly able to walk from 5 hours of being on a camel 😂

At 00:45am we had to catch our train to Jaisalmer, so praying it would block me up until we got there, I popped imodium numbers 5 & 6 then we were on our way! 


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