21/10/17 – 22/10/17

Honestly, a fair bit of our time in Delhi ended up being spent in our hotel because we were pretty exhausted still. Danielle spent the whole of the first day recovering from a killer migraine that had been on and off for a week and just trying to recoup in general. 

I spent the first day with an Aussie guy, Rich, whom we met in the common area when he had been sleeping on the floor. Rich and I started with a wander around and spending half an hour in a travel agent’s office because he had lured us in and we couldn’t seem to say no. 

We left having not bought any of the bus tickets he suggested to Rich and grabbed him some lunch. As we say there, a lovely wee mouse scurried along the wall next to our table. Awesome! 

We hit up the Hindu temple called Laxminarayan Temple. When we entered I was told to put my handbag in a locker or I couldn’t go in so I did as I was told after taking out my valuables. When we had finished looking around, I took out my bag and the security guard was cheeky enough to try to intimidate me into making me “tip” him for looking after my stuff! Very disappointing seeing as he obviously wouldn’t try that had I been Indian. 

We headed to the Red Fort and skipped the zillion mile long queue because we were foreign (although we did pay 500 Rupees as opposed to 25 Rupees) and went in. The gardens and buildings within the Red Fort really are beautiful but it’s a shame I was so tired I could hardly appreciate it and my camera was dead and my phone is no iPhone! 

After a few hours inside and being asked for selfies, we called it a day and went back to the hotel. 

The next day the three of us went to the Lotus Temple before Rich had to jump on a train to Pushkar for his 10 days of silence meditation course. 

Inside the temple everyone has to be completely silent and so of course Rich couldn’t resist a fake cough to test the acoustics! 😂

We had some yummy food at Gurdev’s which was just around the corner from our hotel and yeah, that was pretty much our whole Delhi experience unfortunately… But this time it was good enough for us! 


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