25/10/17 – 27/11/17

Seeing as we arrived in Jaisalmer at 5am having spent the last 6 hours putting our butt clenching muscles to the test and trying not to vomit everywhere, we really deserved a sleep. 

So Danielle’s day consisted of lying in bed trying not to move, as did mine until about 2pm when I couldn’t bear to be horizontal for another 5 minutes! I spent a wee while just wandering around the fort in which we were staying, then made my way down a few kilometers to Gadisar lake. There wasn’t much of anything except a half decent view of the fort on the hill and a little monument in the middle of the lake. Maybe I wasn’t fully appreciating it because I was still concentrating on not being sick or fainting but who knows! 

On my stumble back to the fort a woman came up to me who said she recognized me from the fort when I walked past her stall. She insisted on giving me one of her rings saying she had plenty. I instantly thought this was a ploy to get me to buy from her because nothing is ever free in India. I tried to refuse but she put it on my finger anyway so I told her I would come have a look at her stall on my way back. I carried on and found somewhere to buy water. I had the sacred liquid in my hands and noticed that although it had the plastic wrap over the lid, it lacked a seal! NICE TRY BUDDY! Instantly I returned it, tried to push through the dehydration and continued up the hill. At the entrance of the fort, the woman I met earlier called me over. By this point I felt SECONDS away from passing out or throwing up! I hastily returned the ring to her, explained and apologised for blowing her off but I really needed to get back or I might be on the ground in a few seconds. The moment I got inside our room I had a dehydration sachet and practically skulled the whole litre!

The next day we were booked in for an overnight camel safari in the Thar Desert where we would be sleeping under the stars on stretcher beds! 

We jumped into the open jeep and discovered ways to stop the wind from hurting our ears, eyes and noses. Not sure it will start a trend unfortunately… 

Half way to where we got on our camels we stopped at the ruins of an old town. It used to be inhabited in the time when camels we’re used as the transportation for silks and other products. When other forms of travel came about, it wasn’t necessary for people to stop at the village anymore so the thousands of people migrated to the bigger cities.

Finally we made it to our camels just in time – our noses were very close to falling off! 

I was picked to ride Rocket. He was the cheeky one that liked to run so couldn’t be trusted to led by other camels! He liked to run off when unattended so I was quite grateful for the guide leading him. I can’t imagine falling 2m to the ground off a giant camel is a very good experience… 

By the time we had arrived, our beds we’re already set up and dinner had been started! 

There were quite a lot of dung beetles leaving tracks by scurrying around and digging holes. I also saw a tiny little lizard! 

The sunset in the desert really is something else but photos really don’t do it any justice! 

We ate after the sun had set and our dinner was incredible as always and had just the right amount of spice! 😍 

Afterwards we hopped into bed to stargaze. It was so beautiful we didn’t actually want to sleep! I stayed up until just before the moon had fully disappeared too. Then I shut my eyes and said to myself that I would wake up in 20 minutes when it was completely dark except for the stars because that’s what I was most looking forward to.  

I had a dream where our guide came over and told me to wake up or I would “miss it”. Not quite sure what I would miss, I forced open my eyes. As soon as they had refocused, TWO really bright shooting stars flew across the sky and it honestly felt like it wasn’t real. Like it had come straight out of a movie! 😍

In the morning we had chai and were fed a zillion boiled eggs on toast while we watched the sunrise. 

We booked a hotel for the day when we arrived back to Jaisalmer because our train wasn’t until 00:45am and prayed our bowls would sort themselves out – and fast! 


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