28/10/17 – 30/10/17

We finally arrived at Jodhpur station after our train ride from hell (for more read the post on Jaisalmer). Carefully positioning the waist belt of our bags around our tummies to avoid any “accidents”, we set off in search of a tuktuk. Unfortunately for the men trying to blindly rip us off, we had been in India for too long and our bowels were also not in a state to put up with any shit (literally). 

He offered us the price of 400 Rupees. To that we basically said “Fuck off mate, we were not born yesterday. 80 Rupees.” which by the way is still AT LEAST three times the local price. 

Once we got to our guesthouse, we climbed 40 massive steps to the reception area to find we couldn’t actually check in because the rooms weren’t clean. This was a big problem because we were both close to having both ends going everywhere, to put it politely… Is that politely? Unable to hold on, I sprinted up another 20 massive steps to use the toilet that we weren’t really allowed to use. The other option was the toilet next to where the family was eating so that was DEFINITELY not an option! 

Finally they let us into our rooms! For fear of public embarrassment, we both remained firmly on our bed and only moved for the toilet. In our first room, there was pretty much an ant infestation in the bathroom so we moved into a different one. 

The next day we ran around all the “malls” in Jodhpur in search of a few things we needed for Africa. It was all a big waste of time because the “malls” in Jodhpur all seemed to consist of there shops and a McDonald’s, IF you were lucky! We got excited as we approached one mall because we saw the golden arches. That looks promising!” we said. Our hopes and dreams fell from the sky when we walked in to find that every single shop was empty and closed, while the McDonald’s remained the only thing open! One plus that came out of it was what we gave to very cute kids little presents from NZ and they were super stoked! 

Later on we went to Mehrangarh Fort that looked over Jodhpur. We’d had enough of paying 500 Rupees for things that ended up not being the thing we wanted to see so instead we just walked on up the super steep hill into the fort without paying to go into the actual building at the top. We got all the way to the top and realised that yes, we did want to go in but no, we could not be bothered walking back down to the ticket office to walk back up again! 

As we wandered around the fort, a whole family came up to us to ask if we could take selfies. 10 minutes later they’d all had an individual photo with us and about 10 photos with everyone! We had to get a pic too 😁

Ten points if you can guess why Jodhpur is known as the Blue City! It’s because of the blue houses! Around Jodhpur there are blue houses and water tanks spread over the city. But in one area, all the houses are blue! The view of it from the fort was pretty cool! 

So we found a window to have a mini photoshoot from. 

Look at that! Even got the bird AND the ray of light in there for her! 

For dinner we ate at a wonderful roof top which looked over Jodhpur and the fort. 

On our final day, we went to Jaswant Thada, a beautiful mausoleum for Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. 

Outside Jaswant Thada is a statue of Rao Jodha

And that pretty much concluded our time in Jodhpur. We weren’t fully invested in the things we went to see because we were still not feeling 100%. 

Hopefully we’ll be alright by the time we get to Agra! 


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