About Me

To coddiwomple is to travel purposefully towards a vague destination. This is basically how I choose to trundle through life. Wandering around in my two NZ size 6 soles, with a vague idea of where I want to get to.

A quick deep dive into my life:

I was born in Palmerston North, New Zealand. I’m the youngest of 5, sibling number 4 being 11 years older. Growing up we had a dog, some guinea pigs and a pet lamb. Like most Kiwi families, Friday was fish & chip night where we would be ripping into the paper before it was even on the table. Eventually everyone left home and it was just Mum, Dad & me. We then moved to the UK for 3 years where I went to school then we went travelling around Europe and India before moving back to Wellington, where I spent the remainder of my childhood.

At primary I was a keen learner and always the teacher’s pet. With a self-designated spot right at the front of the class, I practically sat on the teacher’s toes every day – yes, I was that annoying kid! High School came around and eventually my self-esteem lessened, I stopped trying and became unmotivated to do well in an attempt to fit in.

Thankfully, I made friends with an amazing group of people who I still consider to be some of my best friends! They pulled me back out of my shell and in my final years I secretly enjoyed the learning, however enjoyed the social life a little too much and still strongly disliked the homework!

It was the home stretch – YES! SCHOOL IS ALMOST OVER! … And then what? Everyone else seemed to have a plan: go to uni, do this degree, work this job. For me, going to uni straight after high school was out of the question, I had no idea what I was interested in for god’s sake! I certainly didn’t want to stay in the same job I had been working in at school so I took a chance and chose something different. I decided to move to London so I booked a one way ticket to depart 3 days after my 18th birthday. That was the best decision I’ve ever made!

I’ve been living in London since April 2014. I’ve LOVED almost every second of it, despite the cramped and sweaty underground, but it is time for a change. Next up is a 9 month trip around Scotland, Greece, Croatia, Italy, India, Nepal, South/East Africa and South East Asia!

Coming to the UK with my parents for a couple of years and being taken around bits of Europe, India, America and Bali as a child sparked the little flicker that is now a giant blaze of desire.

The desire to travel, to see the extraordinary, to experience new things and to stock up on memories to share and (hopefully) inspire after I’m too old to stand up.

I know my next adventure will the best yet!